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Thanksgiving Food Offering:

From now through November11, you are invited to continue to collect food to fill 50 food boxes for individuals and families in need in our neighborhood. A different item is requested each week. This Sunday, please bring cans of whole or jellied cranberry sauce. Thank you for your support and wonderful response to date!

~ Your Mission Team

Wycliff Bible Translator


How does one translate the Bible into a language that has no alphabet or spelling rules? How does one "figure out" the grammar of one's own language if there's nothing written about it? And how can one make a translation that is clear and natural if the language's grammar rules aren't known? Even someone who is translating the Bible into his/her own language, will have difficulties in these areas. As a linguistic consultant, Ginger Boyd has the opportunity to help national translators develop writing systems and spelling rules as well as figuring out the grammar rules for their own language so they can translate the Bible in a clear and natural way. Ginger is a “daughter” of Northwood Church, who for years went to Sunday School and worship here. 

Children's Health International


One of our members was born in Ghana on the West African coast and maintains ties there. Seeing a need, Grace Aaron was moved to found a mission, Children’s Health International (CHI), to feed and provide health care to preschool children. Her current project is the Anum Nursery School. She has said   “…our goal is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for education and to continue to feed these pre-school kids. Pray for the children of Anum School! This mission partnership has been supported by Northwood Church since its beginning in 2005. In the future we hope to expand the feeding program to the first grade. CHI plans to have a humanitarian mission every other year or if possible every year to do health screening with emphasis on pediatrics if there are enough volunteers.” For more information, see the website for Children's Health International

We Serve the World

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