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These are the LORD's appointed times, holy occasions, which you will celebrate at their appointed times:  (Leviticus 2)

New Usher Teams Forming

Ushers are often the first to greet new visitors to Northwood and provide an initial impression of our congregation. Ushers also bear vital responsibilities in the movement of a meaningful worship experience. Please sign-up today in Makemie Hall to be trained to serve. The Worship Team members are: Gaston Leon (Chair), Louise Asare, Freddie Barber, Jacqueline Barber, Jean Crichton, and Carol Henig. Rev. Hayward and Emily Bateman serve as staff liaisons. 


Communion Servers Needed:

If you have been ordained as an elder recently or in the past, you are requested to serve the first Sunday Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper to the congregation twice a year. 

Please sign-up today in Makemie Hall. Thanks!

Worship Liturgists:  

Sign-up today in Makemie Hall if you would be willing to serve as a liturgist in Sunday worship in the coming weeks and months. Your voice is valued and needed. Rev. Maggie and the Worship Team provide training for new liturgists.

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