These are the LORD's appointed times, holy occasions, which you will celebrate at their appointed times:  (Leviticus 2)

New Usher Teams Forming:  Ushers are often the first to greet new visitors to Northwood and provide an initial impression of our congregation. Ushers also bear vital responsibilities in the movement of a meaningful worship experience. Please sign-up today in Makemie Hall to be trained to serve. The Worship Team members are: Gaston Leon (Chair), Louise Asare, Freddie Barber, Jacqueline Barber, Jean Crichton, and Carol Henig. Rev. Hayward and Emily Bateman serve as staff liaisons. 


Communion Servers Needed: If you have been ordained as an elder recently or in the past, you are requested to serve the first Sunday Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper to the congregation twice a year. 

Please sign-up today in Makemie Hall. Thanks!

Worship Liturgists:  Sign-up today in Makemie Hall if you would be willing to serve as a liturgist in Sunday worship in the coming weeks and months. Your voice is valued and needed. Rev. Maggie and the Worship Team provide training for new liturgists.